ശശി പല്ല് പറിചപ്പോൾ

One Gujju went to a dentist for tooth extraction and first inquired about cost, Dr. said
1200 Rupees, Gujju said this is too much.

Gujju asked Dr., is there any cheaper methods ?

Dr. Yes it can be done without anesthesia and will cost you only Rs.300, but it’s very painful.

Gujju said ok Dr. do it without anesthesia.

Dr. removed the tooth and during the procedure Gujju seated quietly with smiling face. Dr. surprised and congretulates him and said I have never seen before a brave patient like you. I don’t want even my fees and insted take this Rs.500

In the evening he met his fellow doctors and told everyone about this Gujju patient.

Out of all doctors one doctor shouted and informed that the Gujju first came to him and he had given him an anesthesia and told him to wait outside for half an hour, After half an hour when I called him he had left !!!!

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